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Meet The Family

Uniting from different eras, continents, and areas of expertise, we are dedicated to each other, and making your experience with us as memorable as you have made ours.

Constantly endeavoring to create the most dynamic force for good we are able, while enhancing your experience to the greatest heights possible, these are some of the friendly faces in our greater global family.

We look forward to getting to know you better, because if you are reading this, you are family too!

You have our deepest appreciation! Thank you for all that you continue to do!


Designer/Buyer | Portland, Oregon, USA

I started working at Katmandu when I was 20 years old. Now at 30, I cannot imagine my life without it. I’ve met people from all over the world who are now some of my dearest friends. Customers have told me more than once, Katmandu isn’t just a store; it’s a lifestyle. They’re right – when you enter the shop and are surrounded with handicrafts exuberating creative brilliance, you just get it!

When you look at it from an artisan’s perspective, with our fair trade family practices, you are really making a difference in the lives of their families. Being a part of their family and vice versa, is one-of-a-kind connection that I’ll cherish forever. 


Production Manager | Alexandria, Egypt

Summer of 2016 was when I first met Jesse in the smoking area of Washington Square Mall, even though his beard was shorter back then, his attitude remained the same over time, “calm, polite, sharp and friendly.” I was surprised at Jesse’s in-depth knowledge of Egyptian history and culture.

Unfortunately, my stay in the USA was short-lived, but we kept in touch through social media. I soon returned to the USA, only this time it wasn’t just Jesse but even Hannah joined us, and we started grabbing lunch on Sundays.

This trip marked the beginning of a journey that has occupied my imagination to date. It all started with an order for earrings, and since then we have been on a constant hunt to find the rarest handicrafts in Egypt. I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing family. Go fair trade, go Katmandu, and thank you all!!


Social Sales Specialist/Lead Model | Los Angeles, California, USA

I’ve been with Katmandu Trading Company since 2014. I walked into their store in Portland fascinated by the vibrant clothing, jewelry and other products. I began to visit the shop more often, soon the owner noticed my interest, and asked me to work for the company. Of course, I joined! I love what the Katmandu family stands for, environmental health, personal growth and healing, and the support of local artists in Nepal, Africa, India, and other countries.

I saw how I could be an asset to the company by selling the products in the Los Angeles area as a vendor and wholesale representative. Taking on this role inspired me to launch my business named Symply Rooted; where I sell handmade jewels and Katmandu products to flow with it. I am grateful to be a part of such a dope family.

Much gratitude to our customers, artisans, and team who are making all this happen and keeping the business alive.


General Counsel | Caledonia, Minnesota, USA

Hello, everyone! My name is Greg, but more commonly I’m known as “Jesse’s Dad.”

I’ve been involved with Katmandu Trading Co. since day one, acting primarily as attorney and general counsel for the company. Beyond that, though, I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, having, over the years, helped to design and build out KTC’s many retail locations.

I’m so proud of Katmandu Trading Co.’s accomplishments – from its fair trade production policies, to its inclusive nature, to its humanitarian efforts in Nepal and elsewhere.

It is an honor and privilege to contribute my small part to our larger common cause. I have every confidence that – together – we can bring equity, financial stability, and hope to our partners around the world. Please join us!


Retail Specialist/Production Manager | Yasothon, Thailand

When I moved with my family from Thailand, we chose Eugene because of the weather and its schools. We were lucky to have Jesse as our neighbor. Along with cooking, I have always had an interest in retail, even though I have a massage therapy license. Back in Thailand, I spent many days at the local market selling used clothes and veggies from my mom’s garden.

I absolutely love it when I’m at the shop, as well as vending on the street, festivals, and fairs. Katmandu allows me to continually expand my horizons. I love it all, and know that whatever the future brings, it will be with my family here. So happy to be where I am, and for that, I thank you all!


Director – Content Development | Hyderabad, India

What we give is what we get, at Katmandu Trading Company, we take that pretty seriously. Trying to make a positive difference in the world, this company has helped me expand my horizon beyond the perspective of identifying myself as a noun. Ever since I’ve started working here I feel like I’m a part of something bigger and better, changing the world one day at a time.

Thank goodness I chose to open this door of opportunity with Katmandu, test my limits on a daily basis, and transcend my understanding of what I can do. But the real shout out goes to you guys, yes, you! Our valuable customers. Without your love and support this team would’ve never become the family that you’re getting to meet today.

Much gratitude to each and every one of you for making this possible, and helping create something so diverse and beautiful.


Production Manager | Kathmandu, Nepal

I’ve been working with Katmandu Trading for the past 7 years. I started fresh in the trade, but thanks to the continued support of our family everywhere, I’ve learned many things, and continue to do so with every passing day. One of the biggest lessons we can take from life is that of “learning” itself, and I appreciate this ongoing opportunity.

Most importantly for me, I now possess a can-do attitude in my system. This encourages me to keep pushing, to be my very best. My heart and soul will always be with Katmandu, and I am here in Nepal to take care of everything, business and otherwise, helping our artisans and their families wave the flag of solidarity and hard work. Namaste, and thank you so much!


Founder/CEO | Eugene, Oregon, USA

From the first moment Katmandu Trading Company opened our doors, the sheer outpouring of kindness we have received, from endless individuals like you, leaves me all but speechless, and eternally grateful. 

You are what inspires us to continue giving it our best, every single day, and step of the way. We hope to do you as proud, as you have done us, and will carry on giving it our all, to create as many positive ripples as possible.

Thank you for believing in us. We are only here because of you.

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