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Baja Hoodies

The Baja Hoodie was a staple item of clothing worn by surfers along the left coast, especially in California. It was all the rage during the 70’s when people would visit the sunshine state to catch some waves, and return with this wonderful garment as a memento. The roots of this hoodie, however, can be traced back to the 30s as people traveled to Baja Mexico to avoid crowded beaches.

The serape blanket-style pullovers worn by the locals there most probably evolved into the Baja hoodies of today – hence the name. To delve even deeper, credit for the first-ever design could even be given to the Mapuche tribe of South America, who were also responsible for creating the poncho. Either way, the Baja Hoodie has transcended its surfer roots and become a mainstream all-weather item and fashion statement today.

Pop Culture

The Baja Hoodie moved from California and spread to the rest of the United States, not simply because of surf culture, but an increased use in mainstream media. Probably the most famous example of this is Sean Penn sporting one in the famous film ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’. Luke Perry in ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ also sported this piece of clothing to give him the California look. Thanks to hippie communes in Canyon and Topanga and various other spiritual retreats, the Baja soon became a popular item of clothing for people embracing that lifestyle.

  1. The Bohemian Spirit of Woodstock: As the emblem of counterculture and free-spirited living, the Baja Hoodie first gained widespread recognition during the iconic Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. With its vibrant colors and laid-back appeal, it perfectly captured the essence of a generation seeking peace, love, and harmony.

  2. A Grunge Fashion Staple: The Baja Hoodie made waves once more in the early 1990s, embraced by the grunge movement that took the world by storm. Influential musicians, such as Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder, sported these comfortable and stylish hoodies, solidifying their status as an enduring symbol of alternative fashion.


Cotton Baja Hoodie With Pocket (Solid

Picture yourself basking in the sun-soaked sands of your favorite beach, the ocean waves beckoning you for yet another exhilarating surf session. As the day draws to a close and the cool breeze whispers through the air, you reach for the one garment that perfectly embodies the spirit of freedom and adventure: The Baja Hoodie.

Expertly crafted from 100% organic khaddar cotton, handwoven with care by skilled artisans in the mystical lands of Nepal, this Baja Style Hoodie is more than just a piece of clothing - it's an experience. With its surfer origins, it's the ultimate companion for those sun-kissed days by the shore and the ideal garment to envelop you in warmth and comfort after riding the waves.

But the allure of the Baja Style Hoodie goes beyond its undeniable style. The use of organic khaddar cotton ensures that each piece is not only supremely comfortable but also environmentally conscious. You can proudly wear your Baja Hoodie knowing that your choice honors both the planet and the people who brought it to life.

Available in five stunning solid colors, our unisex, free-size Baja Style Hoodie transcends boundaries, making it a splendid gift option for the adventurous souls in your life. And with the versatility to suit any wardrobe, why not elevate your ensemble by pairing it with a beaded necklace and wristband for that perfect bohemian touch?

So go ahead, embrace the spirit of the surf, and make a statement that reflects your commitment to style, sustainability, and soulful living. The Baja Hoodie awaits – are you ready to ride the wave?

Cotton Baja Hoodie With Pocket (Tie-dye

Envision yourself stepping out into the pulsating energy of a bustling city night, ready to embrace the excitement that awaits. As you prepare for an unforgettable evening, there's only one garment that effortlessly captures the essence of your vibrant spirit: our handcrafted Shyama Cotton Statement Piece.

Boasting an array of dazzling patterns and breathtaking colors, this exquisite piece is more than just an accessory – it's a celebration of life itself. Expertly handcrafted in Nepal by skilled artisans, the Shyama Cotton Statement Piece showcases the perfect marriage of style and substance.

But what makes this garment truly exceptional is its unparalleled comfort and warmth. Crafted from lightweight shyama cotton, it feels as light as a feather while providing the cozy warmth you crave on a cool night out. It’s the ideal companion for that next big gig or concert, ensuring you stand out from the crowd and bask in the spotlight.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion, we take pride in using only natural dyes and organic materials in the creation of our Shyama Cotton Statement Piece. This means you can indulge in its captivating beauty with a clear conscience, knowing that your choice reflects a dedication to both style and environmental responsibility.

So go ahead, embrace the allure of the night, and make a statement that's as bold, vivacious, and unforgettable as you are. The Shyama Cotton Statement Piece is waiting – are you ready to seize the spotlight?

Cotton Baja Hoodie With Pocket (Tri Color

Picture yourself stepping out in confidence, whether it's for a casual rendezvous or a day at the office. There's only one garment that seamlessly combines style, comfort, and a commitment to ethical fashion: the Tri-Color Cotton Baja Style Hoodie.

Expertly handmade from premium khaddar cotton, this hoodie boasts a harmonious blend of three complementary colors, creating a design that is both simple and strikingly ethnic. Its versatile appeal makes it the perfect addition to any wardrobe, ensuring you look effortlessly chic in any setting.

But the appeal of the Tri-Color Cotton Baja Hoodie goes beyond its undeniable style. The sturdy hood is designed to protect you from the elements, whether you're caught in an unexpected downpour or seeking refuge from the scorching sun.

At the heart of this exquisite piece lies the Kathmandu Compass embroidered patch, a symbol of our unwavering dedication to fair compensation for the artisans who pour their blood, sweat, and tears into crafting each garment. By choosing the Tri-Color Cotton Baja Style Hoodie, you're not just making a fashion statement – you're taking a stand for social responsibility and helping to change the world, one day at a time.

So go ahead, embrace the fusion of style, comfort, and ethical craftsmanship with the Tri-Color Cotton Baja Hoodie. It's time to make your mark on the world while looking and feeling your absolute best.

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