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Cotton Drawstring Skirt

The skirt is probably one of the earliest forms of clothing ever to be worn by humans. Originally a garment worn both by men and women, skirts made from animal hides or leaves are believed to have been worn by people even in prehistoric times.

With the invention of the loom and weaving, cloth soon became the preferred material to make skirts out of, and woven skirts were used in Egypt, Mesopotamia and even Central Europe. This continued through the Middle Ages, though further enhancements in methods of tailoring made the skirt an item of clothing worn more by women than men.

It is here that the cotton drawstring skirt probably made its first appearance, with the ease of tying and adjustable waistline being much-desired features. The 19th century saw a burst in styles with different waistlines ranging from just below the bust to the natural waist.

Pop Culture

Credit for the modern skirt goes to Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel who designed a wider, shorter skirt that ended just below the knee in 1920. This allowed women to move much more freely and was much more practical to wear for day-to-day activities. From here, the length and style of the skirt began to vary based on several factors – world wars reducing the amount of cloth being available, the liberation of women, and subsequent freedom of choice, for example.

  1. "In the grand theatres of London, where artistry and elegance intertwine, one could often spot the refined ladies adorned in exquisite cotton drawstring skirts. Picture the ethereal beauty of Lady Gwendolyn, gliding across the stage in a mesmerizing performance of Shakespeare's finest works, her cotton drawstring skirt billowing with every graceful step. The delicate floral patterns, delicately woven into the fabric, mirrored the blossoming romance that unfolded on the hallowed boards. Oh, how the audience held their breath, captivated by the sheer poetry of her presence!"

  2. "Amidst the lavish parties of Parisian high society, the cotton drawstring skirt emerged as the epitome of bohemian chic. Madame Élise, the belle of the ball, exuded an air of effortless glamour as she swayed to the enchanting melodies of a waltz. Her cotton drawstring skirt, adorned with intricate paisley motifs, whispered tales of exotic lands and distant dreams. In the flickering candlelight, her silhouette cast a spell upon all who beheld her, a vision of elegance and artistic spirit. Oh, how the hearts of the dashing gentlemen yearned to unravel the mystery hidden within the folds of her captivating attire!"

  3. Christian Dior introduced new styles in 1947 and Mary Quant did the same in the 1960s. Probably the most famous example of a skirt in pop culture is the infamous picture of Marylin Monroe.


Cotton Drawstring Skirt (Boho Stripes)

Behold this charming creation, meticulously handwoven with love and care from the finest Khaddar cotton in the picturesque lands of Nepal. With its whimsical allure, this lovely number unveils itself in a kaleidoscope of five vibrant patterns, each more enchanting than the last.

Its ankle-length design, gracefully flared, whispers promises of freedom and unrestricted movement, making it the perfect choice for a delightful day out exploring the town. Oh, the adventures that await!

Adorned with boho stripes, this cotton drawstring skirt possesses a touch of chic and trendy elegance, perfectly balancing style and subtlety. The stripes, like a whispered secret, dance upon the fabric without overpowering its natural beauty. How splendid it is to embrace the outdoors in such an outfit, in harmony with nature's own palette.drawstring long skirt

Step into a world of imagination and wonder, where comfort intertwines with fashion, and beauty resides in the simplest details. With this handwoven marvel, you become the embodiment of bohemian grace, capturing the hearts and gazes of all who cross your path.

Unleash your spirit of adventure, dear reader, and allow this exquisite Khaddar cotton creation to accompany you on your escapades through life's enchanted tapestry. Let the vibrant patterns and flared design become your trusted companions, illuminating your journey with every step. Oh, the joy that awaits, as you embrace the world in all its whimsical glory, wrapped in the gentle embrace of this delightful garment.

Cotton Drawstring Long Skirt (Solid Color)

Introducing the epitome of office chic: our Khaddar cotton drawstring skirt! Prepare to make a powerful statement as you conquer the corporate world in style and comfort. Crafted to perfection, this skirt boasts a solid color that exudes sophistication and professionalism.

Get ready to turn heads with our curated selection of four captivating colors, designed to suit every taste and complement your unique sense of fashion. With a patterned hem that adds a touch of trendy allure, this skirt redefines the boundaries of casual office wear.

cotton drawstring skirt

But hold on, the perks don't stop there! Our free-size design effortlessly accommodates waists up to 42", ensuring a flattering fit for all. Thanks to the adjustable drawstring, you have the power to tailor your comfort to perfection, embracing the freedom to conquer your day without any restrictions.

Now, let's talk functionality. Say goodbye to the days of rummaging through your bag in search of your phone! Our thoughtfully designed skirt features convenient pockets, providing a safe and stylish sanctuary for your essentials. Stay connected, stay organized, and stay fabulous!

Cotton Drawstring Short Skirt (Tie-Dye)

It's time to unleash your inner power player, dear fashion aficionado. Our shyama cotton drawstring skirt is here to empower you, to elevate your wardrobe from mundane to magnificent. Step into the spotlight with confidence, knowing that you're dressed to impress in a skirt that effortlessly merges style, comfort, and practicality.

Handmade in Nepal from Shyama cotton, this comfortable number is great for a night out with friends or even just as simple daily wear. Pair it with a spaghetti strap tank top to complete the summer look.

tie dye cotton drawstring skirt
The 4 different colors this beautiful piece comes in are carefully dyed and go great with the patterned hem and waistline. The dyes used are completely natural and comes with the Katmandu compass embroidered patch. It is also wrinkle-resistant and comes with pockets!

Unlock a world of endless possibilities as you conquer your realm with unparalleled panache. Embrace the envy of your colleagues and let your fashion prowess take center stage. With our Khaddar cotton drawstring skirt, success becomes a certainty, and style becomes your secret weapon. Get ready to rewrite the rules of fashion and make a lasting impression that will leave everyone longing to follow in your footsteps.

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