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Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli, or lapis for short, was first mined in Afghanistan, as early as the 7th millennium BCE. Coveted for its deep royal blue, it has been sought after since antiquity, and remains highly prized today.

Lapis lazuli artifacts, dated at 7570 BCE, have been found at Bhirrana, the oldest site of India's Indus Valley Civilisation. Lapis was also viewed as the Holy stone of Uknu to the Assyrians, bringing the blue of the sky and light of the gods to his beloved on earth.

From the Sumerian's Royal Tombs of Ur, to the funeral mask of Tutankhamun of Egypt, even maintaining the fleeting affections of the Louis XIV, the Sun King of France, lapis has been the chosen stone of rulers, since the dawn of civilization.

Exported to Europe in the Middle Ages, lapis lazuli was ground into powder, becoming ultramarine, the most expensive of all blue pigments. Used by the monks at Lindisfarne, to create to some of the most beautiful manuscripts in history, and often reserved for the clothes of the Virgin Mary during the Renaissance, lapis lazuli's consistent contemporary regard is made quite clear.

Present in the Andes Mountains of modern Chile, the Incas also became captivated by lapis lazuli's magical blue depths, choosing to carve precious jewelry and other artifacts from the stone.

Medicinal & Magical Properties

Symbolizing wisdom and inspiration, lapis lazuli's many benefits relate directly to the head. Strengthening the neck and vocal cords, intuition is greatly improved, better decisions are made, and a clearer understanding of the underlying nature of things is bestowed. Lapis lazuli enhances idealism and the ability to bond with others, while helping to fend off depression. Lapis is believed to help its possessor gain insight into the motivations of those encountered, helping you to choose between true and false friends. Fittingly for the times, lapis lazuli is also known to bolster the immune system.

Chakra Classification: Ajna (throat), Vishuddha (forehead)

Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus, and Libra

Location: Afghanistan, Myanmar, Chile

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