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Lord Vishnu

The universe's defender and sustainer is known by the name Vishnu. When Dharma was in danger due to certain wicked forces in the earth, Lord Vishnu took many distinct life forms throughout numerous yugas, ages, or eons. It is thought that if dharma, or the maintenance of righteousness and order, is threatened on this planet, Vishnu will take on human form in order to restore dharma, law, and order as well as defend the righteous and eliminate the bad elements of society. Lord Vishnu has ten different incarnations– Matsya; Kurma; Varaha; Narasimha; Vamana; Parashurama; Rama; Krishna or Balarama; Buddha or Krishna; and Kalki. These manifestations are known as Lord Vishnu's "avatars."

Matsya Avatar

Lord Vishnu manifests in this realm as a fish in the MATSYA Avatar. Manu, a ruler, spent countless years engaging in extreme penance during the first yuga (period) of Sata-yuga. When he was washing himself with river water one day, a little fish landed in his hands. The fish asked the Raja to spare its life just when he was about to toss it back into the river. The Rajah filled a jar with water in response to the fish's request, but soon the fish began to expand, the jar was unable to accommodate it. Then the Raja flung it into the river, but it quickly outgrew the river, so he threw it into the Ganges River and finally into the ocean. Lord Vishnu himself then appeared and addressed the Raja personally when the king understood that it was him. The world would end in seven days due to a massive flood, according to the prophecy. The king was instructed to construct a large boat, fill it with the seven wise men, seeds from every kind of plant, and one animal representative of each type. He was also told that he would transform into a fish to help the boat reach Mount Himavan in order to survive the flood and enter the next yuga. True to his promise, the Lord showed up after seven days, and the Raja used the royal snake Vasuki to attach the boat to the fish. The fish then carried them all to mount Himavan and held them there till the deluge was finished.

Kurma Avatar

Lord Vishnu manifests himself as a turtle in the KURMA Avatar. The narrative, which involves both asuras and gods, is intriguing. In the continuous story of the gods' conflict with the asuras, the gods once mysteriously lost all of their power as a result of a curse cast by the irritable sage Durvasa. The sage once offered the god's monarch Indra a flower garland, which he foolishly gave to his elephant, who stomped it.

The Devtas (gods) asked Vishnu for assistance. After putting medications into the milky ocean, Vishnu instructed them to churn it. He suggested using Mount Mandara as a churning stick. In exchange for a part of the nectar of immortality that would result from the churning, he offered to seek the Asuras for assistance in raising the mountain. Using the snake Vasuki as the rope, all the gods and demons stirred the seas. Lord Indra, the king of the gods, requested the demons for Vasuki's head at the beginning of the game as a Machiavellian ruse. However, the asuras who accepted the head end because they thought something was amiss were tricked since Vasuki's poison was progressively making them weaker. While the peak was sinking during the churning process, Lord Vishnu assumed the shape of a turtle, Kurma, and saved it.

Varaha Avatar 

Lord Vishnu appears as a boar in this realm in the Varaha Avatar. Hiranyaksha, a demon, had prayed to Lord Brahma and received the blessing that no animal, person, or deity could ever kill him. But for some reason, the name of the boar was absent from the list of animals. This was shown to be his gap. After that, he began a global campaign of piracy. He shoved everything into the Pataal loka, often known as the ocean's depths. He committed horrific atrocities when Lord Brahma was asleep and took the Vedas, the sacred texts, from him. In order to safeguard the Vedas and protect the planet, Lord Vishnu took the appearance of a boar and raised the earth out of the ocean's depths using its two tusks. It killed Hiranyaksha, stole his holy writings, and gave them back to Lord Brahma for safekeeping.

Vamana Avatar

Lord Vishnu takes on the form of a dwarf priest in the Vamana Avatar. Bali was a highly brave and powerful asura who was the grandson of Prahlada. He took control of the entire planet by penance and strength. Indra and other gods sought Lord Vishnu's assistance because they were worried that he and the asuras would rule all three realms. Then, at the home of a brahmana, Lord Vishnu was born as a dwarf named Vamana. As a young man, he travelled to Bali to solicit alms. Despite his priest's warning that it was Lord Vishnu, Bali was happy to grant him any wish.

Vamana then asked for as much land as he could stand on with three feet. Bali politely accepted. Then, Lord Vishnu expanded until he could encompass both heaven and earth in a single bound. In order to aid the Gods, he squeezed himself onto Bali with his third leg in order to crush Bali into the Pataala loka.

Parashurama Avatar

Lord Vishnu takes on the form of a brahmana (priest) in the Parashurama Avatar. He was sent to this planet to exact revenge on all the kshatriyas who had become haughty and were oppressing the brahmans. He was of the Brighu tribe and was the son of Jamadagni and Renuka. The axe that Parashurama usually carried was a gift from Lord Shiva, to whom he had a deep devotion. Powerful King Kartavirya once entered Jamadagni's house when the latter was absent. After eating, he took Kamadhenu, the cow which was rumored to provide an infinite supply of milk.

In his wrath, Jamadagni went and murdered the king and returned Kamadhenu. The king's son returned after learning this and murdered Jamadagni. This infuriated Parashurama, who then set out to get revenge on the Kshatriyas in 21 fights for the murder of his father.

These are some of the avatars taken by Lord Vishnu to balance the spirit of the world when evil was overpowering good. His name is etymologically derived from Sanskrit meaning "the Pervader", and, the temple representations of Vishnu show him either lying down on the cosmic ocean during the intervals between the cyclical disintegration and re-manifestation of the earth, or seated, frequently with his consorts Lakshmi and Bhumidevi.

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