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Selenite Healing Crystal


Selenite derives its name from ‘Selene’ the ancient Greek goddess of the moon, hence the name ‘moonstone’. Chemically known as Gypsum, Selenite has been a part of our society for centuries and millenniums. Since generations, Selenite has been passed down not only as an item of decoration, but also as a healing crystal. 

Plaster Of Paris

Ever wondered how and where did they create the famous Plaster of Paris? Well, you might have guessed the where - Paris. But do you know how? It was through Selenite, a variety of mineral Gypsum, that was chemically treated to extract the water within. 

Physical Properties

Selenite is mostly known for its soft texture, they say even a fingernail can scratch its surface, so better be careful! It is available in pure white, orange, green, bright golden yellow and more. Irrespective of its variation in shape, size or color, one thing is for certain: Selenite healing crystals can help you relieve anxiety and stress, while elevating your surrounding vibrations. It is also said that different colors possess unique healing qualities.

Metaphysical Properties

There is a reason why Selenite is called the healing crystal, you can use its specifically high vibrations to cleanse your surroundings, while you can channelize its energy to awaken your chakras. Selenite is closely related to the crown and third-eye chakra, signifying a higher level of consciousness and spirituality. 

Medicinal Qualities

Selenite holds a special place in the art of crystal healing, because of its capacity to manifest a force field that can calm your mind, body and soul at the same time. You just need to hold it in your hand while you meditate, or place it in your physical presence and let the magic unfold. Equipped with an inherent ability to cleanse the surrounding energy, you can use Selenite to recharge all your other crystals.

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