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Vitarka Mudra Buddha: History and Facts

The "vitarka mudra" is particularly insightful and differs from the typical lying down with his head propped up stance that most of Buddha's statues and sculptures are shown in. Buddha sculptures' hands are typically shown in a wide range of mudras, attitudes, and ritual poses. Mudras are the names given to certain hand gestures and positions. The Vitarka Mudra Buddha showcases one of the postures or mudras that we see in sculptures frequently. The Vitarka Mudra Buddha, a mudra or gesture, represents the Buddha's teachings and method of transmission.

Yoga and Vitarka Mudra

Yoga, Buddhism, and Hinduism all employ the symbolic, ceremonial hand motion known as the vitarka mudra.The term vitarka mudra is etymologically derived from Sanskrit, where the term "mudra" refers to a symbolic hand motion that can promote joy and happiness. It has been demonstrated that frequent mudra practise not only improves one's general health but also serves as a preventative strategy. Our hands determine our karma, and because our fingers are our power centres, they serve as a conduit between our own Pranic energy and the vast cosmic energy.

Our hands' positions can affect the energy in our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Mudras work to connect the brain and the body, relieve discomfort, release endorphins, alter mood, and boost energy. It is believed that there are close to 399 mudras across many disciplines. The word is derived from the Sanskrit words vitarka and mudra, which respectively mean "closure," "mark," and "seal." Vitarka means "reasoning," "consideration," or "deliberation." Vitarka mudra is often referred to as the "discussion mudra" or the "gesture of debate."

The tips of the thumb and index finger should contact while the other fingers are extended toward the sky to form the vitarka mudra. Usually, the palm is facing away from the body and outside.

Buddhism and Vitarka Mudra

One of the hasta mudras used in the Buddhist tradition to internalize Buddha's teachings is the vitarka mudra. Many Buddha sculptures have this hand gesture, which symbolizes the dissemination of the Buddha's teachings, with the right palm positioned near to the heart and pointing forward.

When doing the Vitarka mudra, the other fingers are stretched upward while the index finger is curled to contact the thumb's tip. The palm is facing away from the body and the index finger and thumb are connected to form a circle. It facilitates spiritual growth by opening the mind and spirit. The debate about the information that the Buddha has learned can occasionally even lead to an argument and an explanation of the concepts; hence the term.

Vitarka mudra is also known as Vyakhana Mudra or, the mudra of explanation because to its talking or explaining character. It is referred to as the discussion mudra or the argument mudra in English. In this mudra, the tips of the thumb and first finger are connected to form a circle. After realising the cycle of life and death, Gautam Buddha utilised his insight to teach his followers the dharma, or right way of doing things. In a similar vein, the circle symbolises the unending flow of energy or knowledge. The mystic gesture of Taras and Boddhisattvas is described as Vitarka Mudra in Tibetan Buddhism. It is known as the Prajnalinganabinaya mudra in Tibet.

Synonymous Symbolisms

The vitarka mudra represents a deeper, more significant meaning that applies to everyone.

Thumb and index finger joined together symbolises how opposites come together to form a single entity. The male-female, day-and-night, and new-and-full moon dichotomies that are fundamental to the cosmos are expressed in this poem. As Yin-Yang or Siva-and-Sakti, this is a good description.A third element—a link or energy joining the complementary opposites—is created by their merger. The thumb and forefinger circle that results from their union serves as a metaphor for it.

The three raised fingers—the middle, ring, and little fingers—represent the tripartite aspect of the universe, while the index finger and the thumb are joined. A good way to describe this eternal trinity is as past, present, and future; awake, dreaming, and asleep; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; mother, father, and child.

Performing The Vitarka Mudra

Put yourself in a relaxed position for meditation. As in the Abhaya Mudra, move your right hand's palm forward and closer to your chest. Form a full circle by curling the index finger inside until it touches the tip of the thumb. Let the little, ring, and remaining middle fingers extend upward.

Only the right hand is actively used in the traditional Vitarka mudra to curl the fingers and thumb. With its palm facing up, the left palm is on the lap. This mudra is practised with two hands in modern techniques. Both hands' fingers are positioned in front of the chest in the way previously mentioned. The left palm is towards the body while the right palm is pointing upward. This is the sole distinction.

Benefits of Vitarka Mudra

A mentor or guru who has gained spirituality and enlightenment typically uses the vitarka mudra. As they impart their knowledge and wisdom to their followers, they encourage them to instil the same values. Much like how a candle distributes its light, knowledge goes from one creature to the next. As a result, it is used to spread wisdom. Wisdom is passed down and acquired, and as a result, it clears the mind and the ideas. thus enhances the capacity for sensible decision-making through analysis.

In order to completely absorb energy, this stance is also beneficial for keeping a connection to the outside world (the elements). Thus, meditating while holding the Vitarka mudra helps to raise energy. Gautam Buddha's teachings are transmitted through the mudra.

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