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Quartz Obelisk (M)



Handcrafted by friends/family, our crystal quartz obelisk is perfect for your collection. Do you know what's more? You're helping an artisan get fair compensation for their talent with every single purchase. Help us change the world - one day at a time. Fair trade feels good! You know it.

  • Type: Obelisk
  • Material: Quartz
  • Country Of Origin: Brazil
  • Dimensions: Height - 3" Width - 1" Depth - 1"
  • Availability: Limited

Crystal Quartz Obelisk

Introducing the Quartz Obelisk, a mesmerizing embodiment of clarity, amplification, and spiritual illumination. Prepare to be captivated by the radiant energy emanating from this magnificent piece. As you gaze upon its crystalline beauty, you will be transported into a realm of profound wisdom and heightened consciousness.

The Crystal Quartz Obelisk stands as a symbol of purity and clarity, reflecting the innate beauty and perfection found in nature. Crafted with meticulous precision, each obelisk showcases the exquisite craftsmanship and reverence for the raw power of quartz crystals. The transparent nature of quartz allows light to pass through, infusing your space with a sense of brilliance and divine illumination.

Known as the "Master Healer," quartz is revered for its ability to amplify intentions, energies, and the power of other crystals. The Quartz Obelisk serves as a conduit, channeling the pure and potent energy of quartz to awaken your spiritual senses and uplift your consciousness. It resonates with the crown chakra, expanding your awareness and connecting you to the higher realms.

Whether used in meditation, energy healing practices, or as a decorative piece, the Crystal Quartz Obelisk radiates a soothing and calming energy. It clears the mind of clutter, enhances focus and concentration, and invites a deep sense of tranquility and peace. With its gentle vibrations, it harmonizes the energy in your space, creating an atmosphere of balance and harmony.

Each Quartz Obelisk is a unique masterpiece, handcrafted with care and precision. The natural variations in color, clarity, and shape add to the allure and individuality of each piece. Embrace the beauty of these natural formations, as they reflect the diverse expressions of the Earth's crystalline wonders.

Envelop yourself in the luminous energy of the Crystal Quartz Obelisk as it invites you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Allow its radiant presence to cleanse and purify your aura, releasing negative energies and promoting spiritual alignment. Feel the revitalizing energy of quartz infuse your being, bringing clarity, insight, and a renewed sense of purpose.

The Quartz Obelisk is not merely a decorative object but a powerful tool for manifestation and spiritual expansion. Its ability to amplify intentions and thoughts makes it an invaluable companion in manifestation practices, helping you manifest your desires with clarity and focus. Use it to program your intentions, infusing them with the pure energy of quartz, and watch as the universe conspires to bring them to fruition.

Embrace the timeless beauty and profound energy of the Crystal Quartz Obelisk as it becomes a cherished part of your spiritual journey. Place it in your sacred space, meditation area, or wherever you seek to infuse your surroundings with the sublime energy of quartz. Let its radiant presence remind you of your divine connection and the limitless possibilities that reside within you.

Each Quartz Obelisk is carefully selected and sourced for its exceptional quality and vibrancy. We take pride in offering you only the finest quartz crystals, ensuring that every piece carries the essence of purity and spiritual illumination. By choosing the Quartz Obelisk, you invite the transformative energies of quartz into your life, empowering you to reach new heights of spiritual awareness and personal growth.

Illuminate your path with the Crystal Quartz Obelisk. Let its radiant energy guide you towards clarity, expansion, and a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe. Allow its pure vibrations to awaken your spirit, elevate your consciousness, and empower you to embrace the infinite possibilities that lie within the realm of quartz.

Please note that each Crystal Quartz Obelisk is a unique creation of nature, and variations in color, clarity, and size are to be expected. Embrace the individuality of your Quartz Obelisk, as it reflects the diverse expressions of quartz's profound wisdom and beauty.

Embrace the power of the Quartz Obelisk and embark on a transformative journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Allow its luminous energy to infuse your being, illuminating your path, and guiding you towards a deeper connection with your true self and the limitless possibilities that await you. Experience the profound energies of this remarkable crystal as it empowers you to shine brightly and embrace the radiant essence of your soul.


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Quartz Obelisk (M)

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Fair Trade

Our fair trade policies serve as the rising tide that lifts all boats. Katmandu Trading Company's artisans can depend on fair pay for their labor, as well as consistent, long-term employment.

Families around the world thrive, while our customers know that their purchases create environmentally sustainable, life changing opportunities for our artisans.


Katmandu Trading Company is all about making quality products you can trust. Every stitch and thread is carefully crafted with handmade processes using only the finest organic cotton - no shortcuts here!

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