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Wild Rose Roll-On Misty Moon Body Oil

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Indulge in the captivating fragrance of our moon oil, a source of love and happiness. With every purchase, you contribute to the fair compensation of artisans worldwide, making a difference one day at a time. Our commitment to fair trade resonates through your choice, bridging beauty and compassion.

Immerse yourself in the tropical essence of body oils, transporting your senses to paradise. Your self-care routine becomes an act of empowerment, promoting sustainability and dignity. Join our remarkable journey where fragrance becomes a catalyst for change. Together, we create a world where beauty and justice intertwine. Fair trade feels good, nourishing your senses and inspiring others to follow suit. Experience the transformative power of conscious consumption with our moon oil.

  • Brand: Wild Rose
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Size: 1/3 oz
  • Availability: Limited
  • Dimensions: Height - 3.25" Width - 0.75" Depth - 0.75"

Moon Oil

Enter a realm of enchantment and embrace the ethereal beauty of moonlit nights with Wild Rose Roll-On Misty Moon Body Oil. Crafted with exquisite precision, this captivating elixir captures the essence of the moon's soft glow and infuses it with the delicate allure of wild roses. With each application, a symphony of tranquility and mystique unfolds, enveloping you in a cloak of serenity and igniting the magic within.

The enchanting scent of the Misty Moon elixir transports you to a world where time stands still and the air is filled with a delicate floral whisper. As the oil glides effortlessly onto your skin, it leaves behind a velvety touch that soothes and nourishes, invoking a sense of calmness and awakening your inner magic. Feel the transformative power of the moon as it casts its luminous spell upon you, empowering your spirit and unleashing your hidden potential.

The luxurious formula of moon oil not only indulges your senses but also nourishes and hydrates your skin, leaving it velvety smooth and irresistibly touchable. Immerse yourself in this sensorial ritual and witness the transformative journey that takes place within you. With each roll of the applicator, you embody the essence of tranquility, emanating an aura of serenity that captivates and enchants those around you.

But the allure of moon oil transcends personal enchantment. With each purchase, you play a vital role in supporting the artisans who pour their heart and soul into their craft. By choosing this elixir, you empower these skilled individuals, ensuring their talents are recognized and fairly compensated. Together, we weave a tapestry of beauty and social responsibility, where your choices create a positive impact that resonates far beyond your own.

Embrace the mystical allure of moonlit nights, surrendering to their calming embrace as they awaken your inner magic. Feel the essence of wild roses intertwine with the ethereal glow of the moon, creating a harmonious symphony of scents that soothe the soul and transport you to a world of serenity. This body oil serves as a gateway to a realm where tranquility and enchantment coexist, where you embrace your inner calmness and radiate an aura of otherworldly beauty.

Step into the realm of illuminated tranquility, where the moon guides your path and your spirit dances with the stars. The moon oil is a testament to the power of embracing the magic within, to the beauty that unfolds when you surrender to the serenity of moonlit nights. It is an invitation to embrace your inner enchantress, to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the misty moon, and to exude an aura of ethereal grace that leaves a lasting impression on all those you encounter.

Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is woven into every aspect of Wild Rose Roll-On Misty Moon Body Oil. We thoughtfully source our ingredients, honoring the gifts of nature while preserving its delicate balance. The packaging we utilize reflects our dedication to minimizing our environmental footprint. By embracing this elixir, you become an agent of positive change, contributing to a world where beauty and sustainability harmoniously coexist.

Indulge in a transformative journey, where the ordinary is transformed into an extraordinary expression of tranquility, and your inner magic comes alive. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of moon oil and let your serene energy radiate. It is more than just a body oil; it is an invitation to embrace your inner enchantment, to captivate with your presence, and to exude an aura of ethereal beauty that leaves a mystical mark on the hearts of all those fortunate enough to experience your Misty Moon Infusion.


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Wild Rose Roll-On Misty Moon Body Oil

$6.00 USD Regular price $8.00 USD

Fair Trade

Our fair trade policies serve as the rising tide that lifts all boats. Katmandu Trading Company's artisans can depend on fair pay for their labor, as well as consistent, long-term employment.

Families around the world thrive, while our customers know that their purchases create environmentally sustainable, life changing opportunities for our artisans.


Katmandu Trading Company is all about making quality products you can trust. Every stitch and thread is carefully crafted with handmade processes using only the finest organic cotton - no shortcuts here!

Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind skilfully crafted item or just something that stands out, we promise an exciting shopping experience!

Our products are crafted with so much love, they practically come with their own hearts. And the best part? You can indulge guilt-free, without worrying about the carbon footprint left behind by mass-produced goods.

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