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Zoom Pyrite Healing Magnet

Pyrite Healing Magnet



Handcrafted by friends/family, our pyrite healing magnet is perfect for your collection. Do you know what's more? You're helping an artisan get fair compensation for his blood, sweat, and tears with every single purchase. Help us change the world - one day at a time. Fair trade feels good! You know it.

  • Type: Magnet
  • Dimensions: Height - 1.5" Width - 1.5" Depth - 1.5"
  • Material: Pyrite
  • Country Of Origin: Brazil
  • Availability: Limited

Pyrite Healing Magnet

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey as we delve into the captivating world of crystal magnets. Like cosmic beacons of light and energy, these magnificent gems weave a tapestry of fascination, drawing you into a realm where healing and magnetism converge. Allow us to guide you through the radiant universe of crystal magnets, revealing the transformative potential of pyrite healing.

Picture a realm where the timeless elegance of crystals intertwines with the magnetism of healing energies. Crystal magnets stand as shining testaments to nature's mastery, harnessing the resplendent power of crystals and imbuing it with the captivating allure of magnetism. These extraordinary creations beckon with their iridescent charm, inviting you to explore the transformative possibilities that lie within.

At the heart of crystal magnets lies the ethereal beauty of crystals, resonating with the cosmic vibrations of the universe. As you hold a crystal magnet in your hand, its crystalline structure captivates the senses. Each facet and formation of the crystal reflects light, illuminating your surroundings with a celestial radiance. The translucent depths of these mesmerizing gems reveal a kaleidoscope of colors, captivating your gaze and stirring a sense of wonder.

Yet, it is the transformative power of pyrite healing that sets crystal magnets apart. Pyrite, also known as "fool's gold," possesses remarkable energetic properties that have been revered by ancient civilizations for centuries. Its radiant golden hue represents abundance, vitality, and inner strength. As pyrite's energy intertwines with the magnetic allure of crystal magnets, a harmonious synergy emerges, creating a potent catalyst for healing and growth.

The journey of pyrite healing magnets begins within the depths of the Earth's embrace, where crystals are formed through a delicate dance of geological forces. Over time, these crystals emerge, forged through the alchemy of pressure and time. As crystal magnets grow, their molecular structures align, harnessing the cosmic energies that infuse them with transformative power. It is this intricate dance of nature that imparts pyrite healing magnets with their magnetic charisma and healing potential.

Imagine the transformative possibilities of pyrite healing magnets in your life—a doorway to personal growth, balance, and vitality. Whether adorning your sacred space, accompanying your meditation practice, or simply gracing your living environment, crystal magnets radiate a magnetic harmony that resonates with your soul. The subtle energies emitted by these mesmerizing gems create an environment conducive to healing, inspiration, and spiritual awakening.

Owning crystal magnets means embracing the cosmic wonders of the universe, becoming a steward of their transformative magic. These celestial gems, with their potent magnetism and energetic resonance, invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being. They serve as conduits for positive change, awakening the inherent wisdom within and guiding you along the path of personal growth.

In the realm of advertising, words possess the power to captivate hearts and ignite imaginations. Crystal magnets embody the essence of persuasion—a harmonious symphony of healing vibrations and magnetic allure that transcends the ordinary. They speak a language of rejuvenation, vitality, and inner balance, inviting us to embark on a transformative journey where body, mind, and spirit intertwine.

In conclusion, crystal magnets stand as testament to the profound connection between crystals, magnetism, and healing energies. Their radiant presence illuminates the path to pyrite healing, guiding you towards a state of vibrant well-being and spiritual growth. Inspired by the principles of effective communication, let crystal magnets be the conduits of your personal transformation, guiding you towards a radiant and harmonious existence.


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Pyrite Healing Magnet

$12.00 USD

Fair Trade

Our fair trade policies serve as the rising tide that lifts all boats. Katmandu Trading Company's artisans can depend on fair pay for their labor, as well as consistent, long-term employment.

Families around the world thrive, while our customers know that their purchases create environmentally sustainable, life changing opportunities for our artisans.


Katmandu Trading Company is all about making quality products you can trust. Every stitch and thread is carefully crafted with handmade processes using only the finest organic cotton - no shortcuts here!

Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind skilfully crafted item or just something that stands out, we promise an exciting shopping experience!

Our products are crafted with so much love, they practically come with their own hearts. And the best part? You can indulge guilt-free, without worrying about the carbon footprint left behind by mass-produced goods.

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