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Windhorse Tibetan Prayer Flags (Cotton, 10 Flags, 5")



In the enchanting, almost surreal landscape of Eugene, Oregon, where the essence of the extraordinary weaves its way through the fabric of the everyday, we at Katmandu Trading Company take immense pride in presenting an offering of unparalleled spiritual elegance – our Tibetan Prayer Flags.

These flags, each measuring a graceful five inches in height and width, and with a depth that speaks more of subtlety than of imposition at three-quarters of an inch, are not mere ornaments. They are, my dear friends, whispering canvases of the soul, each a vivid testament to the ancient and mystical traditions of Tibet.

Crafted with devotion in the spiritual heartland of Nepal, each flag is a celebration of a culture that has embraced the ethereal realms as eagerly as the terrestrial. In these prayer flags, the artisan’s touch is a visible, tangible expression of a tradition steeped in the sanctity of the mystical and the reverence for the natural world.

Their availability, as limited as the rarest blossoms of the Himalayas, transforms each flag from a simple article of trade into a treasured piece of spiritual artistry. In a world where the mundane often overshadows the unique, these Tibetan Prayer Flags stand as luminous beacons of individuality and soulful expression.

Furthermore, these Tibetan Prayer Flags are embodiments of a profound ethical philosophy. As fervent advocates of fair trade, we ensure that each flag is not just a conduit of spiritual aspiration but also a symbol of ethical craftsmanship. Each purchase, thus, becomes a solemn pact – a pact that honors the dignity of the artisan and upholds our shared values of fairness and humanity.

To bring these prayer flags into your realm is to engage in an act of reverence and beauty. Adorned with sacred symbols and ancient mantras, these flags are not mere decorative pieces; they are carriers of blessings, silent emissaries of peace, prosperity, and harmony that are carried aloft on every gentle zephyr.

Envision these flags in your space, transforming it from the mundane to the sublime. They are not just additions to your decor but spiritual companions, constant reminders of the vast, interconnected web of existence that stretches beneath the boundless sky.

In the vibrant milieu of Eugene, these Tibetan Prayer Flags bring with them a breath of the mystical, a glimpse into a world where every element of nature is infused with divinity, where the sacred and the worldly are inextricably intertwined. They are not mere adornments but gateways to a realm where spirituality suffuses every aspect of existence.

At Katmandu Trading Company, we see ourselves as more than mere merchants. We are dream weavers, bridge builders between the mystical and the tangible, guardians of a legacy that transcends the mere transactional. This collection of Tibetan Prayer Flags is at the heart of our mission – to forge connections with the profound, the majestic, the truly meaningful.

We invite you, then, to partake in this extraordinary journey. To introduce these Tibetan Prayer Flags into your life is to embrace a fragment of Tibet, a piece of history, and, most importantly, a part of a grand narrative of human spirituality and experience.

In these seemingly unassuming flags, find not mere objects of art but companions for the soul, symbols of a path toward deeper understanding, compassion, and connectedness with the cosmos.

Welcome to the world of Katmandu Trading Company, where each item is not a mere commodity but a story, each story an invitation to a journey of discovery and profound connection.

Welcome to the experience of our Tibetan Prayer Flags – a journey that begins in the heart of the Himalayas but is destined to weave its way into the very fabric of your existence, enriching, enlightening, and elevating.

Welcome, dear seekers of beauty and wisdom, to a world where the ethereal and the earthly meet in a dance of eternal beauty, where the simple act of hanging a prayer flag becomes a gateway to a world of truth, goodness, and unparalleled spiritual elegance.

  • Brand: Katmandu Trading Company
  • Dimensions: Height - 5" Width - 5" Depth - 0.75"
  • Country: Nepal
  • Availability: Limited
  • Special Features: Fair trade


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Windhorse Tibetan Prayer Flags (Cotton, 10 Flags, 5")

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Fair Trade

Our fair trade policies serve as the rising tide that lifts all boats. Katmandu Trading Company's artisans can depend on fair pay for their labor, as well as consistent, long-term employment.

Families around the world thrive, while our customers know that their purchases create environmentally sustainable, life changing opportunities for our artisans.


Katmandu Trading Company is all about making quality products you can trust. Every stitch and thread is carefully crafted with handmade processes using only the finest organic cotton - no shortcuts here!

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