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Tibetan Singing Bowl w/ Buddhist Iconography (Assorted) (XL)



In the labyrinth of life's symphony, where each note carries the weight of a thousand words and silence speaks volumes, the Wholesale Singing Bowl from Katmandu Trading Company emerges as a beacon of harmony and mindfulness. This is not merely an instrument; it is a vessel of meditation, hailing from the sacred lands of Nepal, where spirituality permeates the air, and the Himalayas whisper ancient secrets to those who dare to listen.

Katmandu Trading Company, a standard-bearer of Fair Trade and a curator of authenticity, presents these Singing Bowls as a testament to its dedication to ethical craftsmanship and cultural preservation. Each bowl, wrought from the heart of bronze, carries within it the echo of Nepal's rich heritage—a heritage that is as enduring as the mountains and as profound as the deepest meditation.

With dimensions meticulously designed for resonance (Height - 3 inches, Width - 6 inches), this Wholesale Singing Bowl is crafted to be the guardian of your practice, designed to bridge the realms of the tangible and the ethereal. Bronze, an alloy steeped in history and revered for its acoustic properties, is chosen for its ability to carry sound waves and its symbolic representation of timeless strength. Each Wholesale Singing Bowl, polished to a luminous sheen, is not only a visual delight but a sonic oasis, designed to hold the vibrations of peace and the frequencies of enlightenment.

The rarity of this Wholesale Singing Bowl mirrors the precious moments of clarity in our bustling lives—limited, coveted, and infinitely valuable. They are not merely instruments; they are treasures, each unique in its imperfections, each resonant with the spirit of the land that bore it. Accompanied by cushions and mallets, these bowls are presented not just as objects but as companions in your journey towards inner peace. The cushion, a throne of softness, ensures the bowl’s purity of tone is unmarred, while the mallet is the key to unlocking the harmonies contained within.

But the allure of this Wholesale Singing Bowl transcends its beauty and their utility. They stand as symbols of ethical elegance, each purchase a pledge to support the artisans of Nepal, ensuring that their traditions flourish and their livelihoods are sustained. In an age where the origins of objects are often lost in the shadows, these Singing Bowls shine as beacons of conscious consumerism. To choose one is to choose a path of mindfulness, to support a tradition that honors the earth and its inhabitants.

Furthermore, this Wholesale Singing Bowl is not merely a tool for sound therapy; this is an invitation to embark on a voyage within, to explore the sanctuaries of the self with each resonant note. They beckon you to pause, to listen, to resonate—to find within their depths the echoes of your own soul. They are not just bowls; they are portals to the infinite, bridges to the divine.

In essence, the Wholesale Singing Bowl from Katmandu Trading Company is more than an object; it is an experience. It is the fusion of craftsmanship and conscience, of history and humanity. To own one of these bowls is to own a piece of the eternal, to cradle in your hands the essence of tranquility—forged in bronze, born in Nepal, and brought to you with the promise of peace and the spirit of Fair Trade.

  • Country: Nepal
  • Dimensions: Height - 3" Width - 6" 
  • Availability: Limited
  • Material: Bronze
  • Additional Features: Cushion and mallet included for free


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Tibetan Singing Bowl w/ Buddhist Iconography (Assorted) (XL)

$175.00 USD

Fair Trade

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