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Wooden Triple Moon Box (L)



Ladies and gentlemen, voyagers of the mystical and enthusiasts of the extraordinary, let us guide you to a realm where craftsmanship and symbolism intertwine – introducing the Wooden Triple Moon Box. Born in the heart of India, where ancient wisdom dances with artistic mastery, this box isn't just a vessel; it's a portal to the celestial, a testament to artistry, and a keeper of your most sacred treasures.

**Crafted with India's Artistic Soul**

Imagine the workshops where artisans, hands caressed by tradition, shape wood into poetry. Our Wooden Triple Moon Box is no ordinary creation; it's a masterpiece woven by skilled hands that channel the essence of ages. Every intricate detail is a brushstroke in a canvas that fuses ancient techniques with modern imagination.

**Dimensions that Whisper Cosmic Secrets**

Marvel at its dimensions – standing at 2.5 inches in height, stretching gracefully to a width of 6 inches, and delving into a depth of 4 inches. These measurements transcend the physical; they invoke cosmic harmony. This box isn't just an object; it's a sanctum where your esoteric tokens, your celestial gems, and your spiritual musings converge.

**Wood: A Medium for Mysticism**

Yet, it's not just the dimensions that define this Wooden Box; it's the very wood that forms its core. This isn't just an amalgamation of fibers; it's a communion with nature's soul. The grains whisper stories of ancient trees, the textures carry the resonance of sacred groves. The Wooden Box isn't just an object; it's a tactile connection to the Earth's mysticism and the rhythm of its existence.

**Fair Trade, Ethical Enchantment**

However, this box isn't just about aesthetics; it carries a promise of ethics. A bearer of fair trade, it binds the circle of creation with the commitment to honor hands and values. With each touch, you're not just engaging with its symbolic beauty; you're honoring the hands that crafted it and the spirit that guided its creation.

**Limited Availability, Infinite Charm**

Amidst a world overshadowed by the mundane, our Wooden Box emerges as a symbol of individuality. Its availability is a fleeting passage, a portal to owning something that mirrors your unique journey. This isn't merely a transaction; it's an affirmation of uniqueness amidst the ordinary.

**Elevate Your Space, Elevate Your Essence**

Visualize this Wooden Box gracing your sacred space – your meditation corner, your altar, or your haven of reflection. Its presence isn't just visual; it's transformative. The intricacies of the triple moon invite your touch, encouraging you to house your spiritual relics and channel your energies within its enigmatic embrace.

**A Glimpse into Spiritual Realm**

Unlock this Wooden Box, and you're not merely accessing an object; you're opening a passage to the spiritual realms. It's not merely storage; it's a sanctuary for your crystals, your talismans, your lunar whispers. Each opening unravels a moment of connection, a tactile voyage to the cosmic.

**The Harvard Touch of Aesthetics**

Guided by insights from our Harvard-trained acumen, we understand that design isn't just about appearance; it's about experience. This Wooden Box isn't just a creation; it's an alchemical fusion of aesthetics and symbolism. It's a testament that bridges the chasm between beauty and spiritual resonance.

**Indulge in the Mystical**

So, seekers of the esoteric and patrons of symbolism, if your spirit resonates with the allure of the celestial, if your heart recognizes the value of limited treasures, the Wooden Box beckons. With dimensions that cradle your spiritual tokens and an essence that echoes ethical commitment, this box isn't just an item; it's a vessel of cosmic character.

Limited availability meets infinite fascination; embrace the allure and become a guardian of an item that carries the essence of India's artistry, the touch of ethical dedication, and the charm of celestial resonance. As you hold the Wooden Box, you're not just holding an object; you're holding a piece of the universe's magic and a portal to your soul's journey.

  • Country Of Origin: India
  • Dimensions: Height - 2.5" Width - 6" Depth - 4"
  • Material: Wood
  • Special Features: Fair Trade
  • Availability: Limited


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    Wooden Triple Moon Box (L)

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    Fair Trade

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